Rules of Advertising Private ad Private classified ads on mybiztou.com are for individuals who have the right to enter into a legal contract and do not intend to profit from wholesale. Professional ad Professional classified ads on mybiztou.com are for professional sellers who do not operate a registered company. mybiztou.com reserves the right to decide whether an ad is a Professional ad. Company ad Company classified ads on mybiztou.com are for registered companies. mybiztou.com reserves the right to decide whether an ad is a Company ad. Ad title Your ad title should briefly describe what is being advertised, and should not contain prices, salaries, promotional words,contact details or unnecessary search words. Example of promotional words include "promotion", "best deal", "best offer",and "discount". Ad description Your ad description should describe what is being advertised. It should not be copied from other advertisers (this is illegal under copyright laws). It should also not contain unnecessary search words,offensive remarks, or links to other auction/classifieds/marketplace sites.Unnecessary search words are words that do not directly refer to the item itself, but rather refer to closely related items. For example, ads for Toyota car should not contain the words "Nissan", "Proton", or "Subaru". Ad language Only ads in English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed. Ad category You should place your ad in the category that best describes what is being advertised. There are various categories being listed for you to select, if it is not related to the items of the intended ads, please use “Others” or contact us for addition. No duplicate or No multiple items in 1 ad You should not place the same ad more than once.If you wish to advertise the same item again, please delete your previous ad before you insert a new ad of the same item. Posting the same ad using a different name or email is also not allowed. You should only advertise 1 unique item in 1 ad. Links You can place links that are relevant to your ad in the ad text description. However, you cannot place links to another auction,classifieds, or marketplace site. Images You should add images that are relevant to your ad. Company logos should not be used as images except for the"Services", "Jobs" and "Businesses for Sale"categories. An image is not suitable if it: * Was taken by another advertiser, and is being reused without their consent (this is illegal under copyright laws) * Contains contact details(phone, email, links, Facebook, or any other personal info) * Contains images of children * Contains promotional words * Contains an advertiser's own watermark of contact details and price * Contains a watermark of a company logo placed in the centre or any of the four corners of the image; or covering more than 30% of the image * Is a collage, i.e. includes multiple images edited into the same image * Is a stock photo * Is downloaded from the mybiztou.com website * Is not in JPEG or PNG format * Is reused from any other ad on mybiztou.com * Is too small or unclear, or is irrelevant * Could be perceived to be offensive or provocative in nature, for example, images of live models forlingerie products Original items Pirated goods and fake products or imitation that might infringe IP or Branding. All advertised items must be original. Realistic offers We encourage the advertisers to sell products,items or services at reasonable prices. Any proposed prices which are consider unreasonable might not be approved. Mybiztou.com reserve the right to reject unrealistic selling prices which we do not think are the actual full price of your item. (strictly no installations, down-payment or trade-In prices) Bidding and auctions We do not accept any ads related to auction or bidding. We only accept ads with actual prices. Illegal goods Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale according to Malaysian laws are not allowed on mybiztou.com. Offensive content Ads or images that could be perceived as offensive to ethnic groups, individual, religions, culture or public figures are not allowed. Services Ads under "Services" must follow applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia for the given profession. Additional rules Mybiztou.com reserves the right to: * Remove unsuitable images, edit or delete any unnecessary search words, promotional words. * Request advertisers to amend their ad to comply with the above mentioned rules, * Exercise sole discretion in making a final decision on whether an ad follows mybiztou.com’s rules or spirits of use.